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Searches in a fence in above to be possible to input the IC model tocarry on the inquiry, then single-clicks the search.The input model English big small letter does not need todifferentiate,May fuzzily inquire,Not the clear place may not write,So long as has conforms to the inquiry condition model to be able totabulate the appearance,or you can contact us.

Order Part No Description Quantity Brand Date Code Inventory
  L02008 QFP  16650  PHILIPS    IN STOCK 
  S81V4160A-25 QFP  16650  OKI    IN STOCK 
  MN103S26E QFP  16650  PANASONI    IN STOCK 
  TMC57934APDU QFP  16650  NS    IN STOCK 
  650-0005-003 QFP  16650  NS    IN STOCK 
  KS8161 QFP  16650  KENDIN    IN STOCK 
  AX88196L QFP  16650  ASIX    IN STOCK 
  W90N7400DG QFP  16650  WINBOND    IN STOCK 
  MST8131A QFP  16650  MST    IN STOCK 
  SG9884A QFP  16650  NS    IN STOCK 
  A500K270 BGA  16650  ACTEL    IN STOCK 
  5002C-CGT QFP  16650  TDK    IN STOCK 
  F711014GFT BGA  16650  NS    IN STOCK 
  470992-001 QFP  16650  AMI    IN STOCK 
  EM637327Q-7 QFP  16650  ETRONTECH    IN STOCK 
  MTC-20146-TQ-C QFP  16650  ALCATEL    IN STOCK 
  S5L1453A01-QO QFP  16650  SEC    IN STOCK 
  BU8710AKS QFP  16650  NS    IN STOCK 
  FDC37C665GT QFP  16650  SMC    IN STOCK 
  FLI2200 QFP  16650  SAGE    IN STOCK 
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